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Selling Produce at the Farmers Market

Vegetables, fruit, nuts, flowers, grains, potted plants, bedding plants and bulbs can be sold by a grower.  Plants must be grown from seed, plug cutting, bulb or bare root.  No resale plants may be sold at the market.  The items must be grown by the vendor or a close family member. (If not, previous arrangements must have been made with the market board.  There will be no re-selling of bought produce!)  Growers may NOT hand out samples of fruits and vegetables which are cut or prepared in any way.  You must sell whole produce which is unwashed.

(Greens which wilt must be kept cool on dry ice or cold packs (not ice).  They may not be bagged in plastic unless the bags are left open.  You must also have a sign for produce indicating that they need to be washed before eaten.)

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