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Ashley Valley Farmers Market (AVFM) Policies and Procedures

Market Location and Time

The market will be held every Saturday starting July 1st through September 30th from 9am-1pm in the Library Commons area on approximately 225 East Main Street in Vernal, Utah.   Starting the first Saturday in July through the last Saturday in September.


Market Sign Ups

Vendors are able to purchase a booth space for a 30% reduced price from March 24, 2023 until April 30 2023 if they pay for 7 or more market dates.   Vendors can only reserve booth spaces for specific market dates only if they pre-pay with a completed registration form.  After 9am of a market date, all open  spaces are up for grabs for that day.  Fees are NON-Refundable except in extreme cases.


Attendance *

All vendors must be set up and in place by 9am on market day. If you have an emergency and cannot attend the market, notification of market management is requested. You can do so by email or Facebook personal message. There are no refunds.

If the vendor has not arrived, the stall may be given to a vendor on the waiting list.  We would appreciate notification by email if you will not be able to attend.


Product Definition

All products must be grown or handmade by the vendors themselves,  their family members or grown and purchased directly from a grower. Prepared foods must be prepared by vendors themselves or their employees and must have all the correct agency certifications.  Only you, family members and/or your own employees will be permitted to sell from your stall. Any vendor caught selling unapproved items will be dismissed from the market.  Buying of wholesale/retail items and selling them again as retail is strictly prohibited. The sale of any type of live animal  is prohibited at the market.  


Booth Stall Definitions

Vendor stalls are simply a space on grass or asphalt; all vendors are required to supply their own tent structures and tables, if needed. Individual stall size will be approximately 12 feet X 12 feet. You must indicate how many stalls you will need if you need more than one.  You must purchase those extra stalls.  All vehicles must be parked in the public parking area near the market.  Please be aware that customers can't park if you are blocking the parking areas closest to the market.  


We ask that the market area be left the way you found it.  Damage to grounds, plants or trees is absolutely prohibited. You are not allowed to use "stakes" to anchor your canopy or tent into the ground. It is recommended that you weigh your canopy down to prevent it from becoming airborne due to wind. If you cause damage you are financially responsible.

Prices for Stalls

Due to our market being primarily a Farmers Market, the booth prices will be as follows: 


Non-Farmer Vendor (arts/crafts & processed foods)

 *$15 per market for all food, mixed, and craft vendors.  Vendors who grow  produce or plants that are *value enhanced* by decorative containers or by further processing (salsas, jams, jellies, cheeses, butters, etc.) are subject to Utah State Tax Commission sales tax collection.

Farmers/Growers $10 per market for all farmers. “Farmers” are those people who grow and sell fresh produce or plants that are not subject to collecting and remitting sales tax to the State Tax Commission. Vendors that have *Farm(s)* as part of their business name will not automatically receive the farmers stall price unless they meet the definition set forth in these rules.


Food Truck vendors $30 per market subject to space availability.


Combination *Vendors who sell items that are subject to sales tax collection along with fresh produce or plants must have at least 90% of their booth comprised of the fresh produce or plants to qualify for the farmer*s stall price. This category is also subject to Utah State Tax Commission tax collection.



All vendors, even those who have participated in the market in previous years, must submit a complete application for the current market season. The application is not a guarantee that you will have a stall. You will receive notification if you are accepted into the market. Notification will primarily be via the email address supplied on the application.  If there is no email address, notification will be done via postcard. Notification will likely be done in late May. Online applications are acceptable, however, mail in applications and  walk in applications either at the chamber of commerce or with market staff are preferred. Your application is not complete until payment is rendered.


Fair Business Practice

All sellers agree to abide by fair business practices. All terms of sale are between buyer and seller only.  The organizers of Ashley Valley Farmers Market are not responsible for any negotiations between sellers and buyers.


Farm or Business Visits

Market management reserves the right to visit any farm or business location at any time to verify that you are the producer of the product you are selling.


Loading and Unloading

*All loading and unloading must be done along the parking spots.  In the case of handicapped persons, they will be allowed to park directly in back of the market or on the East side to load and unload only.  All vehicles must be parked elsewhere after unloading. (Please mark the box on your application if handicap access is needed.) 

Parking is limited so for the benefits of the customers coming to buy,  we suggest you park further away until after the market is over.



Temporary structures may not be secured by staking into the ground due to power and or water lines.  Securing must be done by the use of weights.  Please be prepared for inclement weather and strong winds. You are responsible for any damage. 


Clean Up and Trash

Every vendor must clean up and take all garbage in their stall area away from the premises at the end of each market day.  Any leftover produce, if you so choose, can be donated to various organizations in the Vernal area (ie: food pantry, convalescence homes, etc. ) Please talk to the market organizers if you would like to donate any leftover produce.    


Sales Tax

All vendors, with the exception of farmers who sell only freshly grown produce and/or plants grown by them, are subject to collecting sales tax from their customers and remitting the sales tax to the Utah State Tax Commission.  Farmers/Growers must still submit their Utah State Tax Commission Document even though they are not sending in any money or taxes.


Licenses and/or Permits

All approved vendors must have or obtain appropriate licenses and or permits. It is your responsibility to obtain these licenses and or permits prior to your market start date and provide market management with a photocopy of it or you will not be allowed to participate in the market. A business license from Vernal City is not needed to participate in the market.  All vendors are subject to local laws!  Important:  Any vendor selling foods that are processed or made on-site, must STRICTLY follow Tri-County Health Department and Utah Department of Agriculture and Food guidelines!  Please refer to the "Vendor" website page on for more detailed information.                  


Health Department

All food vendors are required to be in compliance with Tri-County Health Department and/or the Utah Department of Agriculture regulations. Food vendors preparing or sampling on site are required to have proper permits and/or signage. If you are accepted into the market and are subject to these regulations, you must display your permits and signage in your booth or you will not be allowed to sell food prepared on site.



Market management reserves the right to refuse acceptance or deny participation of any vendor or product that is not in compliance with all Market Rules & Regulations. Market management has the authority to ask any vendor to remove themselves and/or any product not previously approved. Market management reserves the right to move or reassign vendor locations to enhance or facilitate the market structure and/or safety as deemed necessary.



Uintah County, Vernal City and Ashley Valley Farmers Market Organizers are not liable for any injury, theft or damage to either the buyer or the seller or their property, arising out of or pertaining to preparation for or participation in the Ashley Valley Farmers Market, whether such injury, theft or damage occurred prior to, during, or after the hours of operation of the Ashley Valley Farmers Market. Seller further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless  Uintah County, Vernal City and Ashley Valley Farmers Market Organizers for and against any and all claims for such injury, theft and/or damages. Seller assumes full liability for the products they market or sell and by participation in The Ashley Valley Farmers Market hereby agree to hold Uintah County, Vernal City and the Ashley Valley Farmers Market Organizers harmless against any and all claims such as but not limited to injury, theft or damage by any buyer, seller, or other persons resulting from or pertaining to the use, consumption, marketing tactics, display, negligence or disposition of seller*s products, vehicles or structures.




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